by Jenny Kim | Last Updated: November 12, 2021

DC SUN is working with neighbors to organize residential solar group purchases where participants save on the total cost of their system.  You will save money on your installation and help your neighbors go through the process.

Join a bulk purchase in your area!

If you are ready to go solar and want to participate in a group purchase, click the links below to sign up.

Current Groups  (sign-ups active)

  • Ward 2
  • Temple Sinai

We are beginning new DC groups. Click here to be notified about the upcoming bulk purchase groups!

Past Groups (sign-ups closed)

  • Ward 1/Mt. Pleasant (November 2013)
  • Ward 3/Upper Northwest (April 2014)
  • Ward 4/Petworth (October 2013)
  • Ward 5  (March 2014)
  • Brookland/Ward 5 (October 2014)
  • Ward 6/Capitol Hill (February 2014)
  • Ward 7 (February 204)

What is a bulk purchase?

A bulk purchase is when a group of neighbors work with DC SUN to go solar together. By going solar as a group, each participant saves 20% or more off the cost of their system. It’s the same principle as buying in bulk at Costco. The group will go through the process of purchasing solar systems together. The group will select a single contractor to install systems on all of the homes, but each participant owns their own system and will sign their own contract with the installer.

Why a bulk purchase?

Banding together to purchase quantities of solar panel and the installation services of a solar company can reduce prices substantially for groups. Bulk purchasing also offer an opportunity to organize your neighborhood around solar and create a community around solar and energy issues.

How much will it cost to go solar?

The cost of your solar system will depend on it’s size. The size of a system in measured in kilowatts (kW). A typically row house in DC has space for between 3 and 5 kW of solar. A system will generally offset between 30 and 60% of your monthly electricity use.

Jenny Kim - President, joined DC Sun in 2016 with the simple goal of helping make solar power more accessible and affordable to anyone that wants to take advantage of the many benefits. As President, she has led an effort to assist more than 400 homeowners in the Washington DC area to go solar. Jenny holds a Master of Science in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech where she paid her way through college as a top-performing inside sales representative for SolarCity. You can connect with Jenny on LinkedIN.