Brookland solar coop meeting
Brookland solar coop meeting

The Brookland/Ward 5 Solar Co-op organized a solar bulk purchase in the summer of 2014. Signups are now closed. Nearly 100 area residents signed up and are now pursuing solar energy for their homes!
A bulk purchase is when a group of neighbors work with DC SUN to go solar together. By going solar as a group, each participant saves 20-30% off the cost of their system. It’s the same principle as buying in bulk at Costco. The group goes through the process of purchasing solar systems together. They select a single contractor to install systems on all of the homes, but each participant owns their own system and signs their own contract with the installer.

Why a solar co-op?
Banding together to purchase quantities of solar panel and the installation services of a solar company can reduce prices substantially for groups. Group purchasing also offer an opportunity to organize your neighborhood around solar and create a community around solar and energy issues.


How much will it cost to go solar?
The cost of your solar system will depend on it’s size. The size of a system in measured in kilowatts (kW). A typically row house in DC has space for between 3 and 5 kW of solar. A system will generally offset between 30 and 60% of your monthly electricity use.

Example solar costs table DC

07/14 – RFP issued to area installers (download the RFP ). Bids due 07/31
08/14 – Members of the group formed the Selection Committee to choose one installer for the whole group. After reviewing bids from four local companies, the group selected EDGE Energy. After signing up EDGE will schedule a site visit with you and provide a quote (reflecting the group discount) that’ll show how much your system would cost and how much it’ll save you over time. Then if you want to move forward you can sign a contract with the installer to go solar!
Deadline for signing contract with installer is 30 days from when you were issued your quote
TBD – We will host a party to celebrate everybody’s new solar installations!
Questions? Email Grant.

More Resources
A recorded info meeting for those who can’t attend the meeting in person!
A recorded info meeting for those who can’t attend the meeting in person!

Steps to the Coop Process
FAQs About Neighborhood Solar Bulk Purchases
SREC Guide
Yahoo group
Joining the coop isn’t a binding commitment to go solar with the group, but instead it lets us review your roof’s suitability for solar panels using Google Maps, and it provides contact information so the chosen installer can reach out to you and schedule a site visit to provide a free quote.

DC SUN is a project of Community Power Network (CPN), a network of grass roots, local, state, and national organizations working to build and promote locally based renewable energy projects and policies. CPN’s founder and executive director, Anya Schoolman, formed the group after she tried to install solar on her Mt. Pleasant home in 2007 and saw how challenging the process was at the time. She organized her neighbors to help make the process easier and more affordable and has been helping others through the process nationwide ever since. CPN provides DC SUN with support and access to a national network of solar homeowners, practitioners, partners, policy experts, and policy makers.


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