Tell the PSC to move forward on improving our electric system

The D.C. Public Service Commission is engaged in a process, known as MEDSIS, to develop rules to improve electric service in the District. If done correctly, this will create a lower cost, reliable, and renewable electric grid for all District residents. Unfortunately, the Public Service Commission is dragging its feet. We need to show them the public is watching.

The PSC has failed to make any meaningful progress. The commission has not developed clear objectives, work groups, and or plans to move the proceeding forward. The Commission has done nothing to create meaningful community or ratepayer engagement about an issue that impacts everyone in D.C.

Also, the Commission is sitting on $32 million dollars it obtained as part of the wrongly approved Exelon takeover of Pepco. This money was meant to support Commission-approved pilot projects that would improve electricity service in the District and support energy efficiency and energy conservation initiatives that would primarily benefit low-income residential ratepayers.

Tell the PSC to move this proceeding forward and allow D.C. ratepayers to benefit from a low-cost, reliable, and renewable energy system:

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