SREC Registration

Normally solar installation companies take care of SREC registration for you. Then you can sell your SRECs to an SREC company, or to your solar company if they offer that service (you should shop around for different options and prices, though!).

Unfortunately, some installers don’t automatically register their customers with the Public Service Commission (unless the customer chooses to use the solar company to sell their SRECs).

The next best option is to choose an SREC company, as they are normally able to complete the registration process. The following are some commonly used companies. To get current prices for SRECs, give them a call:

However, if you choose to register the system on your own, you will need details about your system that your installer may need to provide to you, or that you may be able to find on your Pepco application forms, such as the “permission to operate” letter. These are the basic steps, but it is highly recommended that you allow an SREC company (aggregator) to do this for you:

These resources will help you:

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