DC SUN is group of citizens in DC that support solar in Washington, DC. Check out a video on our history and how we advocate for solar in the District:

DC SUN strives to make rooftop solar power accessible and affordable for everyone by providing communities with the information, connections, and opportunities they need to move efficiently through the “solarization” process.

Because we are not allied with any specific company or product, we are uniquely positioned to give you unbiased, thoughtful advice based on our extensive industry experience.  We will be there to support you throughout the process!

DC SUN is supported through 100% volunteer work, and we are composed of individuals, families, businesses, and neighborhood leaders. Join us!

Our coops have members of all ages!

Our co-ops have members of all ages!

Read more about our governance and structure.

DC SUN started out as independent neighborhood groups that now operate under the umbrella of DC SUN. Learn more about our neighborhood groups.

We are also a project of Community Power Network (CPN). Check out CPN’s site for more information on starting a community renewables project.

Not in DC?

Our parent organization, Community Power Network (CPN), runs solar programs in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Check them out to learn more and take your community solar!

  • MD SUN, a community group that promotes solar across the state by helping residents, community organizations, faith-based groups and businesses go solar.
  • WV SUN, a citizen coalition that is leading the energy transition in West Virginia—helping towns and communities develop renewable energy projects and programs that will sustain our economies and our planet for the long haul.
  • VA SUN, a citizens network of solar supporters in Virginia that runs a listserve open to any individual or business interested in supporting solar in the state.
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