Solar customers air interconnection concerns

Solar customers air interconnection concerns

Update: Watch testimony from the hearing: Part 1 and Part 2.

Yesterday, the District Public Service Commission (PSC) held a hearing to review issues D.C. solar customers have had getting Pepco to connect their solar systems. The hearing was a great opportunity for these homeowners to make their voices heard. The PSC is accepting public comment for an additional 30 days. Reports of Pepco delays should be emailed to PSC Secretary Brinda Westbrook Sedgwick, with the subject line “Comment for FC 1050”.

More than two-dozen solar customers either filed comments for the record or provided in-person testimony. Capitol Hill residents Larry Janezich and Erik Anderson and Ward 4 resident Niva Kramek gave stirring testimonies about their interconnection and billing problems with Pepco.

MDV-SEIA‘s Dana Sleeper, Solar Solution‘s Ben Breiterman, and DC SUN’s Grant Klein also testified about the long wait times, unresponsiveness, billing, and “green button/hourly usage” issues customers have had because of Pepco. The Office of People’s Council and the District Department of the Environment (DDOE) provided additional criticisms of Pepco’s Green Power Connection team, as well as possible solutions.

All three commissioners listened intently, and then turned their questions to the panel of Pepco representatives. Their questions ranged from inquiring about the technical capabilities of smart meters versus net meters, to when an electronic application would be available (6 years late so far), to how Pepco planned to resolve its phone/email unresponsiveness.

The Washington Post wrote up a good summary of the hearing as well.

The PSC has made all documents filed in the case available on their website. This includes a slideshow Pepco presented at the hearing, MDV-SEIA’s testimony, and DDOE questions for Pepco. A video recording of the hearing should be available on the PSC website in a few days.

The PSC is accepting comments for 30 more days. All homeowners and installers who have had long waits from Pepco, are having trouble with bills, never got a call/email back, etc., should send an email to Brinda Westbrook Sedgwick with the subject line “Comment for FC 1050”.